Getting a judgment is only half the job. The other half is collecting. Thomas A. Morton is ready to get the judgment, whether the underlying issue is a family law issue or whether someone owes you money for some other reason, and collect on it. Tom is one of the few family law attorneys in Maricopa County who also practices collections. This can be very helpful in cases involving other parties who resist paying ('deadbeats").

Need to Collect Money, writ, garnishment of earnings

I have experience using wage assignment, writs of garnishment of wages, writs of garnishment of property, writs of special execution, writs of general execution, and recording the judgment. Sooner or later, we satisfy most judgments with these techniques.

Tom also has experience in adversarial actions in the bankruptcy court. Often times, former spouses attempt to use the bankruptcy laws to discharge their obligations to their former spouses. Tom knows how to stop these attempts.

Additionally, I have experience in tracking down debtors. In the age of the internet, unguarded online activity is not only a gold mine for family law attorneys, but it is a gold mine for collections attorneys seeking a writ of garnishment as well.

Defense From Collections Suits

Often, credit card companies will sue you or, more often, sell your account and the buyer of the account will sue you. Most of the time, the creditor cannot prove its case because the debt has been sold several times and the paperwork is not in order. Sometimes, the creditor has problems in addition to simply not having its evidence together. Many times the creditor has allowed the statute of limitation to run without having filed suit. Sadly, most of these suits on credit card debt go by default (i.e., the defendant ignores the suit) and the creditor gets a judgment that it would not get had the defendant filed a timely answer. An experienced litigation attorney can spot all of the problems with the creditor's case and can put up an effective defense. In recent months, Thomas A. Morton has had an increase in these cases and has successfully stopped credit card companies from steamrolling defendants.

If you have been sued for an alleged credit card debt, call Thomas A. Morton today.

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