We are an Enforcement and Contempt Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Sadly, getting an award for child support or spousal support is only the first step. Often the most challenging part of being divorced or a single parent is the financial dependence of one party on the other even though they are no longer married.

Examples of Enforcement Issues

Other aspects of a divorce decree may need enforcement action. For example, one parent may be limiting or preventing parenting time/visitation. He or she may not be making agreed-upon mortgage or car loan payments. He or she may not be keeping up with paying insurance premiums as ordered by the court, resulting in a lapse of the policy.

Seeking the Best Way to Resolve Your Enforcement Matter

We help you collect your support. We help you enforce your decree. We can seek a contempt of court ruling. We know that having to go to court again is both expensive and emotionally draining. We do everything we can to resolve the matter through negotiations or mediation, both of which are less expensive and less stressful. However, our clients know that we will do whatever is needed to get the court to enforce the order.

How We Help

We are an Enforcement and Contempt Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

We undertake actions such as requesting wage garnishment. We help enter wage assignment orders if the payor changes jobs. We can help you deal with the Arizona Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCES) in your efforts to collect child support. We can help you obtain a warrant if the other parent has taken the children without your consent or is refusing to allow you visitation. We can seek to have driver and professional licenses suspended, the opposing party jailed, and for the court to issue a writ of garnishment or a writ of execution.

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