The popular belief is that fathers always seem to be shortchanged in custody and family matters. Over the past few decades, however, this attitude has changed and fathers now have equal legal rights to the custody of their child. Arizona law presumes that the child will benefit most from contact with both parents. In some cases, however, it is still important for the father to show the court why he should be an active part of the child's life to establish not only greater access time, but an essential role in making life decisions for the child. this is especially crucial when the father has been the primary breadwinner and the mother has been primarily responsible for raising the children.

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After a divorce or the birth of a child out of wedlock, issues of custody and support will arise and may become a large source of disagreement among the parties. The questions of visitation time, child support obligations and parental rights are questions that need to be answered.

At the law firm of Thomas A. Morton, Attorney, we encourage the parties to attempt to work out these issues outside of a court, but in many cases, this proves impossible as emotions are understandably flaring. With our years of experience, our office can hopefully steer the parents back to an amicable agreement that benefits all, including the child. Similarly, when these issues go into a courtroom, our attorneys will help protect fathers' rights and the best interests of the children.

Whether you are concerned about the time you get to spend with the child, the rights you have with the child and important decisions in his or her life, or about child support obligations, our firm can help you figure out the best solutions to your particular situation.

Child Support and Visitation

Ask for More info on fathers' rights, custody, parenting time, child support

In the past, fathers have often carried a greater burden with respect to the amount of child support, spousal support and debt division that occurred after a divorce. Now, the law makes it a priority that both sides bear their fair share.

It is also important for a father to establish paternity of his child right away, so that the father will have his rights recognized in court and by law enforcement. A delay in establishing legal paternity could cause a father to lose his rights and not be able to see the child for significant periods of time.

At the law firm of Thomas A. Morton, we understand these issues and how the legal system works in cases of custody and visitation. Not only has Tom worked with many dads to protect their rights with their children, he is a dad who has protected his rights with his child.

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