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Traditionally, mothers have had the superior position in custody cases, but that has changed considerably in the last several years. For mothers involved in custody, spousal support or alimony, visitation and paternity cases, the legal system can sometimes seem unfair.

Often, the biggest disadvantage to mothers' rights is when the father has a significantly higher income. In this scenario, it is not uncommon for the financially superior parent to try to use that factor as an advantage in court, and entitle themselves to more than what is fair. In these situations, mothers who have seen to most or all of the homemaking duties and/or children's daily needs, become bullied or "economically crushed" by the other parent if they are not cognizant of their rights under the law. Often, their husbands will attempt to convince them that they are entitled to less because the mother did not "earn" particular benefits.

Ask for More info on Mothers' rights, custody, parenting time, child support

It is important to have an attorney who will work to help level the playing field. When a mother is in a financially inferior position, it is important to establish and preserve their rights as soon as possible. The law firm of Thomas A. Morton, Attorney encourages fairness in the divorce and custody process. We understand that these issues can be difficult and emotional; however, a party's rights should not be denied just because the opposing party has more money at their disposal.

Negotiation and compromise are usually in everyone's best interests. We emphasize cooperation and encourage parties to settle their differences on their own, before we take their case to a courtroom. Settlements are typically more respectful, less traumatic and more conducive to all parties' best interests, especially the children.

Unfortunately, settlement is not always possible. When necessary, our firm will fight for the best interests of you and the children. If you cannot come to an amicable resolution, we have the courtroom experience to protect your rights.

Do not let your rights be taken away in important cases of custody, visitation, support and property. Let our firm protect you and your rights and keep your children's best interests safe.

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