Thomas A. Morton Named Top Pro Bono Attorney for 2013
In a letter dated April 29, 2013, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education informed Thomas Morton that the Foundation had selected him as a 2013 recipient of the Top Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona award. The Foundation instituted the award to recognize attorneys who...

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Phoenix, Arizona Divorce Lawyer
Divorce, as well as legal separation and annulment, is not an easy decision. Tom Morton knows this because he has been divorced. He also knows that the help of an experienced divorce attorney is essential in many divorces.

Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage...

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Phoenix, Arizona Child Support Lawyer
Courts in Arizona calculate child support based on a formula. The formula includes each parent's gross monthly income, spousal maintenance, medical/dental/vision insurance costs for the children, child care costs, whether either party has children not common to the parties, the age of the children...

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Family Law Attorney Thomas A. Morton : Phoenix, AZ


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Mr. Morton was my attorney during a very difficult time. He handled my divorce case with professionalism and compassion. He helped me route out the most appropriate action while making sure all parties including myself were being reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Morton as an attorney...
- Tamara

I have known Tom Morton for the past decade and have referred many people to him for legal representation in their divorce cases. ...straight shooter...solid and trustworthy advocate...well spoken and knows and understands the issues that his clients may be facing in a divorce...also well qualified to represent clients in bankruptcy matters and civil litigation.
Referring a case to an attorney is the highest compliment a person can pay to that attorney. It means that I trust Tom to treat the person I care about right...
- Mark Andersen, Partner
Law Offices of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

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Family Law

  • Divorce
    Division of community property, division of debt, legal decision making (formerly child custody), parenting time (visitation), spousal maintenance (alimony)...
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  • Paternity
    There are many good reasons to legally establish paternity even if the parents are happily living together and everything is going well. When a couple has a child out of wed...
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  • Child Support
    Courts in Arizona calculate child support based on a formula. The formula includes each parent's gross monthly income, spousal maintenance, medical/dental/vision...
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