I first met Thomas in May 2014. I reached out to him because I was recommended by a family friend, who's husband was an attorney.
I had hired 3 attorneys in the Phoenix area all claiming to be the best. (One even telling me, she never takes a case unless she wins... Well ultimately she didn't lose, my family did.)
When I hired Thomas in May 2014 it was for family court. Not only did he win our case, he went beyond what I expected!
After 5 years of fighting the court (with other attorneys) my ex-husband was finally thrown into accountability court & the judges held him liable court dates set for the next 6 years.
After my ex-husband decided to take myself back to court in August 2018 to try & change our "parenting time," I called Thomas again. I knew going into a new hearing for "parenting time" usually resulted in equal time in the State of AZ so there was tons of anxiety.
However, Thomas delivered and he won our cases! Unlike a lot of attorneys out here, I know Thomas is different. He actually cares of his clients and he will fight for you!
- Grace 06/2019


Mr. Morton was my attorney during a very difficult time. He handled my divorce case with professionalism and compassion. He helped me route out the most appropriate action while making sure all parties including myself were being reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Morton as an attorney, since my divorce I have used Tom to settle a contract dispute and to write contracts for my business, I could not imagine using another attorney.
- Tamara


I have known Tom Morton for the past decade and have referred many people to him for legal representation in their divorce cases. I know Tom is a straight shooter and a solid and trustworthy advocate for his client. Tom is well spoken and knows and understands the issues that his clients may be facing in a divorce and is able to read any situation he’s in accurately. Because of his knowledge and his ability to retain information, Tom is also well qualified to represent clients in bankruptcy matters and civil litigation.

Referring a case to an attorney is the highest compliment a person can pay to that attorney. It means that I trust Tom to treat the person I care about right. You should trust Tom Morton also. I have never heard any complaint about Tom. My referrals to him have all been handled with superior ability, tact and candor. I appreciate Tom Morton and am happy to write this testimonial on his behalf.
- Mark Andersen, Partner
Law Offices of, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC


Tom Morton is an excellent attorney. He is always up to date with the Arizona laws, procedures and is familiar with all of the judges throughout the valley.

Tom cares about families; whether the issues are about children, spousal maintenance, property division and/or debt division, Tom Morton is a great attorney who practices with skill and gets consistently good results. His courtroom skills are A+.

Tom is also well versed in other areas of law, including, but not limited to, civil litigation, collections and estates and trust.
- Randi S. Sirlin, Esq.


I highly recommend Thomas as an attorney. He has handled three separate legal cases for me, all of which he has won. Not long ago, I came across some hard times and was not able to pay my creditors. I consulted with a few attorneys and was told to just to file bankruptcy. I then heard about Thomas from a friend who had used him for her divorce and also a similar lawsuit to mine, so I met with him. He made no promises and was up front that it would be a difficult legal battle, but it was worth a shot. He has since successfully defended all three creditors suits that were filed against me for delinquent debts. This man is brilliant.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found and hired him to assist me. He is truly awesome and I recommend him to anyone in needing assistance from an attorney. I have never posted a review before, but had to share the news about this lawyer. I will forever use him as my attorney If I ever need one again, without hesitation. He was excellent.
- Lorrain S.


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