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Things to Think About When You Consider Divorce

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Things to think about when contemplating divorce.

1.  Emotional costs. Money and time are not the only costs of a divorce. Sometimes the emotional costs are more than the monetary costs.  Emotional costs include changing relationships with your family and children.  Do you need a divorce in order to be well mentally and emotionally?

2. Strategy. Timing can be important.  Is your income is down, are your assets are devalued, or has your retirement lost value? If you are the main earner in the marriage, is it a good time to calculate spousal maintenance or divide your assets?  Is it possible that the court may require you to provide support based on an income that you no longer earn?

3.  Is your spouse contemplating a change? If your spouse is considering a major change, such as a move out of state, loss of a job, starting a new career, or some other disruption, you may want to file now before you and your spouse establish a new norm, such as your children living and going to school in another state.

4. Time.  Consider the time that a divorce will cost you.  Is it worth it?  How long will this bad economy last?  It has already lasted seven years.  How long until you retire?  How long until your children are grown?  How long will it take to establish your career or for your spouse to establish a career?

5. Your children and step-children. If you have children, sometimes being practical wins out over everything else.   How will your divorce affect your children?  How will co-parenting work logistically? Who will pay for what when it comes to the children’s expenses?  Who will be responsible for what?  How will you and the other parent behave so as to not permanently scar your children?  Have realistic plans and agreeable solutions to potential problems. Thinking things through in advance will take off some of the pressure during the divorce. Financial aspects of divorce sometimes seem less difficult if the child-related issues can be resolved quickly and amicably.

There may be any number of additional things to contemplate.  The answer is not the same for everyone.

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