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Enforcement of Child Support and Other Orders

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Sometimes the court making the award for child support or spousal maintenance is only the first step in actually receiving support. Often, the challenging part of being a divorced or single parent is dependence on the other party even though the parties’ marriage is over.  The other party may move from job to job, move to another state, or just plain refuse to pay.

Examples of Enforcement Issues

Other orders in a divorce decree may need enforcement action. For example, one parent may might limit or prevent parenting time/visitation in violation of the court’s orders.  The other party might not make payments that the court ordered, like mortgage or car loan payments.  The other party might not pay insurance premiums ordered by the court, causing the policy to lapse.

Seeking the Best Way to Resolve Your Enforcement Matter

I can help you collect child support and spousal maintenance and enforce your decree by seeking a contempt of court ruling.  I know that going to court is expensive and aggravating.  I try to resolve the matter through negotiations or mediation, which are less expensive and less stressful, negotiations and mediation might help. However, I do whatever it takes to enforce the court’s orders when the other party refuses to follow the court’s orders.

How I Help

I seek enforcement and contempt by garnishing wages, asking the court to use incarceration, or the threat of incarceration to get compliance, record judgments, attach property, and seek future review hearings to monitor compliance.  I also help my clients deal with Child Support Enforcement and even seek an arrest warrant or seek to have the other party’s drivers license or professional licenses suspended.

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