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Man Leaves Five-Year-Old Granddaughter Alone in Desert With a .45 to go Have a Cheeseburger and Beer.

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Sometimes it seems like I can't think of everything about which to warn my clients.  This story is a little old, but it serves as an example.  Don't let your child's grandfather take your five-year-old child into the desert and leave her under a tree with a cocked and locked (i.e. very nealry ready to fire) .45 so he can go have a cheeseburger and some beer (and don't do this yourself!).  This will not help you in family court.  No one should ever have to tell someone something like this, but here is a guy who actaully needed someone to tell him to not do it:

 You must always protect your child and can't always trust your loved ones.  I hope this little girl's parents never trust her grandfather again with her safety.

The grandfather eventually entered a plea agreement.

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